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Sustainable Japan 

  • Sustainable Japan

  • Sustainable Japanは、世界のサステナビリティ活動に関する情報を日本語でお届けするオンラインメディアです。サステナビリティ活動とは、環境・社会・経済の3つの観点から、この世の中をいかにして持続可能にしていくかという取組のことを言います。


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  • 世界のREIT市場/三井住友トラスト・アセットマネジメント

  • REIT市場を開設する国や地域は増加しています。世界のREIT市場の規模は代表的な指数の時価総額で約130.74兆円となっています。
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  • MAB投信指数「MAB300」

  • MAB投信指数「MAB300」(以下、MAB300(まぶさんびゃく))は、三菱アセット・ブレインズが日々算出・公表している投信指数です。
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  • Euromoney

  • Euromoney is your one source of information for many markets. We know the financial markets are interconnected. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of key developments in your sector whilst keeping an eye on trends in others. Our specialist journalists bring you an authoritative round up of banking, capital markets, investment, foreign exchange & treasury, and regional markets including Asia, Latin America, and EMEA. Our benchmark surveys and awards will tell you how you and your competitors are rated by the industry, help you find the institutions best placed to handle your business, and can give you the edge you need when pitching to clients.
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    International Trade and Market Access Data/The World Trade Organization (WTO) 

  • International Trade and Market Access Data/The World Trade Organization (WTO)

  • This application aims to illustrate all available WTO trade statistics through graphs and charts in an
    interactive manner. The application features all data on merchandise and commercial services trade, and
    data published on the WTO Tariff Profiles. The application also has links to the existing available WTO
    general information on tariffs and the "Made in the World Initiative (MIWI). It has 3 major dashboards:
    the Trade, Trends and Tariffs Dashboard.
    The Trade Dashboard aims to show the leading traders by commodity group or sector and year. The
    leading traders are selected from either: a) all available countries of the world, b) all countries of a
    selected region, or c) all member countries of a selected economic grouping. The dashboard also aims to
    show leading partners of selected individual reporting countries.
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    IVX Volatility Monitor
    DTCC Market Data

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