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    Start-Up, Sustainability, and Success

    Whether you are starting a new business or sustaining an existing one we are here to help you succeed!

    Welcome to the Business home page for the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce! We're proud to be the voice for business in Jackson Hole and encourage you to explore some of the available resources and opportunities included on this website. To find out what fellow Chamber Members are providing businesses to ensure you stay ahead of the game search our Membership Directory.

    Benefits of Doing Business in Jackson Hole

    Are you thinking of moving your business or primary residence to Jackson Hole? Wyoming is proud to be a business-friendly state and Jackson Hole has proven to be a favorite location for business-owners and investors.

    •No state personal or corporate income tax
    •No state inheritance tax
    •No state gift tax
    •No state tax on retirement income
    •No state franchise or excise tax
    •No state tax on real estate sale proceeds
    •Low real estate property tax
    •No state tax on mineral interest ownership
    •No state tax on intangibles
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