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  • リアルタイム情報とマーケットの考察を手に入れよう
    TradingView のチャートや解析ツールは、はじめの方でも直感的に簡単に扱うことができます。もちろん、スクリプト言語にも対応しており、解析ツールを自作できる高度なシステムトレーダーの要望にも十分に答えることができるパワフルなシステムです。

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    Futures Long Term Trends/Barchart.com 

  • Futures Long Term Trends/Barchart.com

  • Long Term Trends lists futures contracts, ranked by weighted alpha (strength of trend) over the past 1-year.
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  • FedWatch/CME

  • The CME Group FedWatch tool lets you quickly gauge the market’s expectations of potential changes to the Fed Funds target rate. The CME Group FedWatch is based on 30-Day Fed Funds futures prices, which have long been used to express the market’s views on the likelihood of changes in U.S. monetary policy.

    FOMC meetings are matched with the corresponding 30-Day Fed Funds Futures contract.

    Probabilities of possible Fed Funds Target Rates are calculated based on the post-meeting Fed Fund Futures contract price.

    Probability of Rate Hike is calculated by adding the probabilities of all target rate levels of 0.50 or higher.
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  • VectorGrader

  • Quantitative Macro Models
    models Stock Market Model
    Currency Rotation
    Bond Rotation
    Market Rotation / TAA

    Valuation Ratio Charts
    Purchasing Power Parity Currency Valuations
    World Central Bank Interest Rates
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    PerfChart: John Murphy's Intermarket Study/StockCharts.com 

  • PerfChart: John Murphy's Intermarket Study/StockCharts.com


    Intermarket Technical Analysis is the study of the relationships between the four major financial markets: Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and Currencies. There are several key relationships that bind these four markets together. These relationships are:
    •The INVERSE relationship between commodities and bonds
    •The INVERSE relationship between bonds and stocks
    •The POSITIVE relationship between stocks and commodities
    •The INVERSE relationship between the US Dollar and commodities

    POSITIVE: When one goes up, the other goes up also.
    INVERSE: When one goes up, the other goes down.

    When these relationships occur, the markets are said to be acting "normally" and there is a good probability the current trends will continue. When one or more of these relationships break down, the markets should be watched carefully for signs of general trend reversals.
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    Shibor Quato/www.shibor.org 

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    S&P Dow Jones Indices 

  • S&P Dow Jones Indices

  • As the world's largest provider of financial market indices with a longstanding tradition of providing investable and benchmark indices, our mission is to:

    •provide benchmarks that accurately gauge the markets and help institutions and individuals make well-informed decisions
    •create transparent indices that serve as the engine behind a broad array of index-based solutions to help investors meet the challenge of achieving their financial goals
    •give investors the tools they need to measure and monitor the world's markets across a platform of over 830,000 indices
    •collaborate with major exchanges and financial professionals who trust us to create innovative local, regional and global index solutions that provide the basis for a range of investment vehicles including ETFs, ETNs, options, listed derivatives and customized instruments such as structured products
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    Chart of the Week/Legg Mason 

  • Chart of the Week/Legg Mason

  • A quick look at a timely topic of interest - with a brief review of why it could matter to investors.
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    index chart/StockCharts.com 

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    Daily GCF Repo Rate Index/DTCC 

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    Graphic detail/The Economist 

  • Graphic detail/The Economist

  • A new chart or map every working day, interactive-data features and links to interesting sources of data around the web
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    Gold Silver Ratio/GOLD PRICE.ORG 

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    Dow/Gold Ratio/GOLD PRICE.ORG 

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  • YCharts

  • YCharts lets investors be their own stock analysts. With the best charts on the web and objective, intuitive information about more than 5,000 stocks, we give you the information that you need to understand the companies behind the stocks that you buy. Because when you understand the companies you buy, you are investing - in the truest sense of the word.
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    Futures Performance/FINVIZ.com 

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    Markets Data/FT.com 

  • Markets Data/FT.com

  • Markets data provides the latest stock market research, including data and charts for equities, commodities, currencies, bonds and rates. Dig deeper into the news with comprehensive data, analysis and advanced tools.
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    Market Summary/StockCharts.com 

  • Market Summary/StockCharts.com

  • Bullish Percent Indexes can be found on the End-of-day Market Summary page here.
    We also provide combined McClellan Oscillator / Summation Index charts for the NYSE and the Nasdaq.
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    IVX Volatility Monitor
    DTCC Market Data

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