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FX Options Analytics: Retail Positioning/TradingFloor.com 

  • FX Options Analytics: Retail Positioning/TradingFloor.com

  • Client sentiment for spot on selected crosses, expressed by the ratio of long calls & short puts (bullish) vs. long puts & short calls (bearish). Snapshot of bid/offer prices on selected contracts from Saxo Bank’s innovative FX Options Board.
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    FX Options Analytics: Vols, Risk Reversals & Pin Risk/TradingFloor.com 

  • FX Options Analytics: Vols, Risk Reversals & Pin Risk/TradingFloor.com

  • An overview of changes to at-the-money volatilities and the relative value of puts vs. calls for different pairs over standard tenors. An OTC volume index, market pin risk table and selected volatility and risk reversal charts.
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