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Consumer Credit Default/S&P Dow Jones Indices 

  • Consumer Credit Default/S&P Dow Jones Indices

  • The S&P/Experian Consumer Credit Default Indices provide independent and consistent benchmarks for consumer credit defaults in the United States. By using a representative sample of loan level payment data sourced directly from lenders included in Experian's consumer credit database, these indices are constructed to accurately track the default experience of consumer balances in four key loan categories: auto, bankcard, first mortgage lien and second mortgage lien.
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    Markit Indices 

  • Markit Indices

  • Markit does not trade in any securities or indices and the index business adheres to a strong governance framework that includes an external index advisory board, and oversight and technical committees.
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    Market Data/CMA 

  • Market Data/CMA

  • Market Movers
    Largest Widening Spreads (Greatest Credit Deterioration)
    Largest Tightening Spreads (Greatest Credit Improvement)
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    DTCC Market Data

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