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U.S. Department of Justice/米司法省 

  • U.S. Department of Justice/米司法省

  • To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.
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    Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce 

  • Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

  • Doing Business in Jackson Hole

    Start-Up, Sustainability, and Success

    Whether you are starting a new business or sustaining an existing one we are here to help you succeed!

    Welcome to the Business home page for the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce! We're proud to be the voice for business in Jackson Hole and encourage you to explore some of the available resources and opportunities included on this website. To find out what fellow Chamber Members are providing businesses to ensure you stay ahead of the game search our Membership Directory.

    Benefits of Doing Business in Jackson Hole

    Are you thinking of moving your business or primary residence to Jackson Hole? Wyoming is proud to be a business-friendly state and Jackson Hole has proven to be a favorite location for business-owners and investors.

    •No state personal or corporate income tax
    •No state inheritance tax
    •No state gift tax
    •No state tax on retirement income
    •No state franchise or excise tax
    •No state tax on real estate sale proceeds
    •Low real estate property tax
    •No state tax on mineral interest ownership
    •No state tax on intangibles
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    国際調査報道ジャーナリスト連合(The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists=ICIJ 

  • 国際調査報道ジャーナリスト連合(The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists=ICIJ

  • The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is a global network of more than 190 investigative journalists in more than 65 countries who collaborate on in-depth investigative stories.

    Founded in 1997 by the respected American journalist Chuck Lewis, ICIJ was launched as a project of the Center for Public Integrity to extend the Center’s style of watchdog journalism, focusing on issues that do not stop at national frontiers: cross-border crime, corruption, and the accountability of power. Backed by the Center and its computer-assisted reporting specialists, public records experts, fact-checkers and lawyers, ICIJ reporters and editors provide real-time resources and state-of-the-art tools and techniques to journalists around the world.

    Our advisory committee consists of some of the biggest names in investigative journalism worldwide: Bill Kovach, Chuck Lewis, Rosental Calmon Alves, Phillip Knightley, Gwen Lister, Goenawan Mohamad, Reginald Chua and Brant Houston.
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    National Association of Manufacturers(NAM) 

  • National Association of Manufacturers(NAM)

  • The committed and accomplished executives on the NAM Board of Directors are the driving force behind the success of the NAM’s efforts to create a favorable policy climate for manufacturers. The NAM Board comprises more than 200 of the nation’s top manufacturing executives, representing large and small companies alike across all industrial sectors. Members of the Board provide national and global perspectives on the impact of federal government action upon their companies’ ability to grow and prosper. In addition, NAM Directors contribute their leadership and expertise to the NAM’s policy development process.
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    National Association of REALTORS® 

  • National Association of REALTORS®

  • The National Association of Realtors was founded on May 13, 1908 as the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges, the founding group being located in Chicago, Illinois. In 1916, the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges changed its name to The National Association of Real Estate Boards. The current name was adopted in 1974.
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    National Hurricane Center 

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    Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association/SIFMA 

  • Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association/SIFMA

  • About SIFMA
    SIFMA brings together the shared interests of hundreds of securities firms, banks and asset managers. These companies are engaged in communities across the country to raise capital for businesses, promote job creation and lead economic growth.
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    全米経済研究所/National Bureau of Economic Research(NBER) 

  • 全米経済研究所/National Bureau of Economic Research(NBER)

  • Founded in 1920, the National Bureau of Economic Research is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of how the economy works. The NBER is committed to undertaking and disseminating unbiased economic research among public policymakers, business professionals, and the academic community.
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    U.S. House of Representatives 

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    Foreign Exchange Committee 

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    Commodity Futures Trading Commission/CFTC 

  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission/CFTC

  • Congress created the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in 1974 as an independent agency with the mandate to regulate commodity futures and option markets in the United States. The agency's mandate has been renewed and expanded several times since then, most recently by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
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    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission/SEC 

  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission/SEC

  • Current SEC Commissioners
    The Securities and Exchange Commission has five Commissioners who are appointed by the President of the United States with the advice and consent of the Senate. Their terms last five years and are staggered so that one Commissioner's term ends on June 5 of each year. To ensure that the Commission remains non-partisan, no more than three Commissioners may belong to the same political party. The President also designates one of the Commissioners as Chairman, the SEC's top executive.
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    the White House 

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    Investment Company Institute(ICI) 

  • Investment Company Institute(ICI)

  • The Investment Company Institute is the national association of U.S. investment companies, including mutual funds, closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and unit investment trusts (UITs). ICI seeks to encourage adherence to high ethical standards, promote public understanding, and otherwise advance the interests of funds, their shareholders, directors, and advisers. Members of ICI manage total assets of $16.8 trillion and serve more than 90 million shareholders.
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    The U.S. Senate 

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